Social Networking Spaces

Social Networking Spaces

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What the heck is Facebook? Twitter? Blogging? This book answers these questions and explains how to use a variety of social networking sites to keep in touch, stay in business, and have fun. This book covers the main social networking a€œspaces, a€ and introduces some of the ways people are enjoying them within a family or business context. It includes information on posting pictures, using add-ons, and working with Facebook and LinkedIn groups. It also covers the phenomenon of Twitter, including how it has grown and the road ahead. This book also covers how you can use the various networks together, such as sending a Twitter message that updates your Facebook status, or exporting your LinkedIn contact list and using it to invite people to Facebook. It also includes discussion of how to use social networks for both personal and business use, and how to keep them separate. How to use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites for family, friends, and business How to make your sites talk to each other How to make the most of social networking and stay out of trouble What youa€™ll learn Learn why people have been flocking to these social media sites. Discover how these sites can help you communicate with friends and family. Put that digital camera to use with Facebook and Flickr photo albums and Twitpics. Learn how you can use these sites to promote your business. Learn how to keep your business and personal life separate online. Learn how you can do all this while staying safe online. Who this book is for Social Networking Spaces is for anyone wondering how social networking works, and how to use it to stay in touch, make friends and business contacts, and build an online presence. Table of Contents Carpe Diem! Capture, Preserve, and Share Your Adventures on Social Networks What the Heck Is Facebook? Getting Started with Facebook Capturing Your Story on Facebook Branching Out: Facebook Pages and Facebook Advertising What the Heck Is Twitter? Making the Most of Your Tweets What the Heck Is a Blog? Designing and Sharing Your Blog Using Flickr to Share Pictures Watching and Sharing Video on YouTube What the Heck Is LinkedIn? Using LinkedIn to Strengthen Your Career Support Network What the Heck Is MySpace? Meetup: The Original Social Network What the Heck Is Ning? Exploring 3D Virtual Worlds: Second Life Going Global: Connecting with People in Other Countries and Languages, with Google Translate and Google Multilingual ChatHerea#39;s how to get started: 0 Personalize your profile 6 Upload your first photos J 6 Find yourfriends on Flickr 0r, learn more about ... And if you followed along in the example, you have a green check mark to indicate that you did get as far as uploading some pictures. ... If you click the a€œFind your friends on Flickra€ link, a screen comes up with tabs on the left for Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail (see Figure 10-30).

Title:Social Networking Spaces
Author:Todd Kelsey
Publisher:Apress - 2010-03-30


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