Software Law

Software Law

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Publisher of America's #1 Small Business Series is now helping empower the average citizen in their personal and professional lives. The Legal Power! series aims to give you the tools you need to make proactive business and personal decisions, protect your assets, prevent painful contractual mistakes and defend yourself in an increasingly litigious society. Thorough, to-the-point and low-cost, these books make understanding your rights simple by explaining lawyer-babble in clear, plain English.Legal Power! books are: -- Specific in scope, offering indepth information on single topics rather than trying to be everything to everybody -- Practical for real-world use, containing forms, examples and case studies -- User-friendly in tone and design -- Simple, but not simplistic -- Inexpensively priced for the information-hungry consumerProtect your software by using simple, do-it-yourself legal practices. From copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trademarks and contracts, you can easily learn how to take legal matters into your own hands and protect yourself. Answer your critical questions on complex legal issues, such as: -- What use of another's work is permissible -- What to do if someone illegally uses your work -- Granting licenses -- International protection and much more5 What is a€œSoftware Lawa€ ? What is ... for Copyright Protection How Long Does Copyright Protection Last? ... Patent? Can Software Qualify for Patent Protection? Utility Patent Rights Difference Between Copyrights and Patents How to Apply for a.

Title:Software Law
Author:Todd F. Bassinger
Publisher:Sourcebooks Incorporated - 1997


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