Software Optimization for High-performance Computing

Software Optimization for High-performance Computing

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The hands-on guide to high-performance coding and algorithm optimization. This hands-on guide to software optimization introduces state-of-the-art solutions for every key aspect of software performance - both code-based and algorithm-based. Two leading HP software performance experts offer comparative optimization strategies for RISC and for the new Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) design used in Intel IA-64 processors. Using many practical examples, they offer specific techniques for: Predicting and measuring performance - and identifying your best optimization opportunities Storage optimization: cache, system memory, virtual memory, and I/0 Parallel processing: distributed-memory and shared-memory (SMP and ccNUMA) Compilers and loop optimization Enhancing parallelism: compiler directives, threads, and message passing Mathematical libraries and algorithms Whether you're a developer, ISV, or technical researcher, if you need to optimize high-performance software on today's leading processors, one book delivers the advanced techniques and code examples you need: qSoftware Optimization for High Performance Computing.qThese types of instructions are known as Single Instruction Multiple Data (S1MD) instructions and are a form of instruction level ... Design goals in the 1970s were focused on defining a set of assembly instructions so that high-level languageanbsp;...

Title:Software Optimization for High-performance Computing
Author:Kevin R. Wadleigh, Isom L. Crawford
Publisher:Prentice Hall Professional - 2000


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