Soissons, 1918

Soissons, 1918

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Soissons, 1918 provides an intricately detailed account of this pivotal battle in which partly trained, inexperienced American soldiers and marines literally turned the tide of the war. Despite strange French command methods, unfamiliar equipment such as masses of tanks, and immature American staff work, American enthusiasm and willingness qto finish the jobq briefly shattered German defenses, caused panic, and ultimately unhinged the Germans' carefully prepared strategic plans. Authors Douglas V. Johnson II and Rolfe L. Hillman, Jr., provide a strategic overview of the war to the point of American involvement in combat operations. Following the long accepted Leavenworth method of analyzing operations, they thoroughly present the enemy situation, the terrain, and the friendly situation. Subsequent chapters describe in detail each of the four days of intense combat using French, German, and American sources and American personal accounts.This regulation became the basis for the armya#39;s principal twentieth century doctrinal manual, Field Manual 100-5, Operations ... Infantry companies in 1910 were concerned almost exclusively with M1903 Springfield rifles, bayonets, and pistols.

Title:Soissons, 1918
Author:Douglas V. Johnson, Rolfe L. Hillman
Publisher:Texas A & M University Press - 1999


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