Solar Trillions

Solar Trillions

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Solar Trillions reveals market opportunities worth $35+ trillion of the $382 Trillion the world will spend in energy by 2050. The author shows why solar is the most scalable clean energy source and why disruptive tech make it inevitable.Here are the seven amazing opportunities.1: Desert Power: $9 trillionTo provide all of AmericaAca‚na„cs electricity today, we would need just 100-by-100-mile square of desert.2: Powering Industry: $7.1 trillion24/7 solar power is hereAca‚na€and can reliably run factories a industry.3. Island/Village Power: $2.6 trillionTwo billion people around the world pay up to 10 times todayAca‚na„cs PV cost.4: Power to the People: $8.7 trillionWith Solar BIPV, walls, windows, and bricks will make money for building owners.5: Bottled Electricity: $1.5 trillionWe will hit peak water before we hit peak oil.6: Energy in a Box: $5 trillionThe race for energy storage is on. Solar thermal is ahead.7: Internet Times Ten: $6.5 trillionThe eBay of electricity is coming.7 Market and Investment Opportunities in the Emerging Clean-energy Economy Tony Seba. Hawaii requires that all new homes built in 2010 and after come with a solar water heater. ... (Think about your car.) ... PV is easy to install and use.

Title:Solar Trillions
Author:Tony Seba
Publisher:Tony Seba - 2010-01


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