Soldering Made Simple

Soldering Made Simple

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This book is the complete guide to simple soldering. Soldering Made Simple takes all the mystery and fear out of soldering so that amateur jewelry makers a€” even those who have never held a torch a€” feel empowered and confident. Friendly and thorough instructional text and step-by-step photos help readers build skills gradually, which they can then employ with the included projects. Joe Silvera presents soldering techniques that use a simple setup, a handheld butane torch that is safe and easy to operate, and a few other supplies.To make sterling solder, zinc is added to sterling silver in varying amounts to create different grades of solder with different flow (melting) points, including extra-easy, easy, medium, and hard. The term a€œeasya€ is synonymous with a€œlowa€ or a€œsoft.

Title:Soldering Made Simple
Author:Joe Silvera
Publisher:Kalmbach Books - 2012-08-29


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