Soldier M: Invisible Enemy in Kazakhstan

Soldier M: Invisible Enemy in Kazakhstan

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In the 1990s, in the bleak, snow-capped mountains of Kazakhstan, the SAS return to settle a score which goes back almost half a century and to face a new and terrifying enemy an enemy that is silent, deadly and invisible and that will test their endurance, and their equipment, to the limit. Almost fifty years earlier in 1945, even as treaties were being signed in Berlin, treachery was being planned. An SAS patrol on a routine mission was ambushed and massacred by a cynical and ruthless Russian KGB Major with an insane dream of a new and terrible form of biological welfare. In the post-war years captured Nazi medical personnel and the cream of the USSR's scientists were established in a high-security research facility in the remote, mountainous region of Kazakhstan, close to the Mongolian border. Although the complex's inhuman experiments were devastatingly successful and although it was still funded by the KGB, by the early 1980s the virtually autonomous complex, with its well-armed security unit and fanatically independent community, was almost forgotten by the Soviet authorities. Until, that is, sketchy reports of an accident possibly a plague or leak of a mutated virus form a biological experiment filtered through to American intelligence. A Russian army team sent in to investigate disappeared without trace. The Chinese, terrified that their territory might be threatened by the leak, turned to Britain, an unlikely ally, for help. Only one group of men was deemed capable of discovering the truth behind the underground facility the legendary Special Air Service the SAS!... length of the narrow ravine and then quartered to roar across its width, creating within the trench a temporary vacuum which sucked the very ... rainwas beginning tochurn up thefloorof the ravine, threatening to turnthesteep incline aheadof them intoone vast mudslide. ... a#39;Wea#39;ve got toget out of here, a#39;he shouted in Russian.

Title:Soldier M: Invisible Enemy in Kazakhstan
Author:Peter Cave
Publisher:A&C Black - 2013-12-12


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