Soldiers of the Sea

Soldiers of the Sea

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From the War of Independence through the dark days of the Cold War, the Marines have fought in all the nation's wars. Their readiness and prompt action at Harper's Ferry stopped John Brown's insurrection in its tracks. In 1917, as the qFirst to Fightq slogan demonstrated its electric effect, the 5th Marines sailed for France and joined up with the first convoy at sea, anxious to get on with the war. With courage, discipline, and typical small-unit initiative, the Marines triumphed at Belleau Wood, a victory that was to advantageously affect the quality and thinking of the Marine Corps ever after. Yet it is no accident that so much of the Marine Corps' fighting and expeditionary service has taken place between the major wars. Marines could be found detaining Abraham Lincoln's suspected assassins aboard the Montauk, conducting minor landings in Nicaragua or Korea in the late nineteenth century, or battling rebels in Haiti or Cuba in the twentieth century. Their flexibility and adaptability has earned them a solid reputation as a preeminent fighting force. Their contributions to America's military force have been many. Development of amphibious warfare during World War II was undoubtedly one of the most important tactical innovations in our history. As larger military services are reduced between wars, the Corps' traditional role as qa force in readinessq becomes more essential for peacetime strength. And when the Marines are called to action, their preparedness and effectiveness as a maritime fighting team is unequaled.Moreover, this little pamphlet served as a point of departure for a much more fundamental study soon to come. ... The Joint Board pamphlet was to serve as a guide, though not an inflexible one. In fact, the students, who ... Fortunately, the Chief of Naval Operations plumped for the latter; and so the FMF was born. The troopsanbsp;...

Title:Soldiers of the Sea
Author:Robert Debs Heinl
Publisher:Nautical & Aviation Publishing Company of Amer - 1991


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