Solving Applied Mathematical Problems with MATLAB

Solving Applied Mathematical Problems with MATLAB

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This textbook presents a variety of applied mathematics topics in science and engineering with an emphasis on problem solving techniques using MATLABAr. The authors provide a general overview of the MATLAB language and its graphics abilities before delving into problem solving, making the book useful for readers without prior MATLAB experience. They explain how to generate code suitable for various applications so that readers can apply the techniques to problems not covered in the book. Examples, figures, and MATLAB scripts enable readers with basic mathematics knowledge to solve various applied math problems in their fields while avoiding unnecessary technical details.Example 3.35 Compute the double definite integral J = aˆl 1 aˆ’1 aˆl 2 aˆ’2 eaˆ’x2/2 sin (x 2 + y) dxdy. Solution With the anonymous function to describe the integrand, the double integral can be evaluated numerically from the following statementsanbsp;...

Title:Solving Applied Mathematical Problems with MATLAB
Author:Dingyu Xue, YangQuan Chen
Publisher:CRC Press - 2008-11-03


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