Some Feet Not Meant for Shoes

Some Feet Not Meant for Shoes

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A defiant young white woman embarks upon a mystical journey through greed, racism and intolerance to find that in a previous lifetime she was a black slave girl. Caught in the midst of a spiritual metamorphosis she is hardly aware of, Norah is torn between two worlds: the one she expects ... and the one she suspects. She marries a scientist who scoff s at her peculiar feelings in just the way that science can. While Norah attempts to suppress what her spirit is trying to teach her, angels appear and challenge her to look deeper within for the elusive truth. She is a reckless and undisciplined young white woman, desperate for answers to questions she is only now learning and daring to ask. For reasons she barely understands, she finds herself drawn to a wise metaphysician. Norah becomes his student and, through his illuminations, begins to feel her mystical consciousness break free and birth. As her grasp of the world around her is refined, she turns to her West Indian friends, who for Norah become the creation that slavery left behind. Told from multiple charactersa€™ points of view and in the first person, Noraha€™s unconventional tale progresses toward the awakening of her past life as an African slave, through which racism, intolerance and greed echo still. Split between cultures, colors, beliefs and even lifetimes, Noraha€™s perspective on race and the history of hate is the ultimate catalyst for her transformation. Hers is a magical journey of loss, discovery and love that meanders naturally like a river across space and time, drifting from Los Angeles to the Caribbean islands of St. Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Dominica.Our shoulders touch, our legs at moments, feet sometimes too. We watch his two ... Ita#39;s about 5 p.m., and the light is soft, clean. The childhood scar ... Wait until I get home and tell the staff, the ones on the business side at least. The other sideanbsp;...

Title:Some Feet Not Meant for Shoes
Author:Pamela Klein
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-06-29


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