Someone's Watching You!

Someone's Watching You!

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Take back your privacy starting today! Somewhere in D.C., a vast computer complex churns through quintillions of data bytes about every American, living or dead. And one of them is you! Satellites circle in space, prying into your intimate family secrets, while underground groups plot how to clone your DNA. Your phone may be tapped, your office burglarized, your identity stolen. They're bugging your clothing and hacking your e-mail. There's no place to hide. Or is there? In Someone's Watching You!, you'll learn about real, little-known secret programs run by both the public and private sectors. And once you're armed with that knowledge, you'll learn practical steps you can--and must--take to keep your private life private and lose Big Brother for good!The utility of spy satellites is obvious and was recognized even before Sputnik 1 had its fifteen minutes. ... In 1960, when one of the new Lockheed U2 spy planes was shot down over the Soviet Union, the resulting scandal underlined the need anbsp;...

Title:Someone's Watching You!
Author:Forest Lee
Publisher:Adams Media - 2011-05-18


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