Sopwith Pup Aces of World War 1

Sopwith Pup Aces of World War 1

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The Sopwith Pup was the forerunner of the hugely successful Sopwith Camel, which duly became the most successful fighter of World War 1. The first proper British fighting scout, the first Pups - the Royal Naval Air Service - arrived on the Western Front in 1916. Although regarded as a 'nice' aeroplane to fly, pilots who used it in combat gained much success during the first half of 1917. The Royal Flying Corps also used the Pup from January 1917 onwards, with the final combats with the machine occurring in December of that year. This book describes the combat careers of the successful Pup aces, how they flew and how they fought.As he wrote in a letter home; a#39;I was going down to the aerodrome when I heard anti-aircraft guns going. ... ft when I got up to him (a great big double-engined pusher type machine), so I sat right behind his tail where he couldna#39;t shoot at me. ... A short while later, during a fight over Le Pave, H S Kerby saw two Halberstadts (or perhaps still more Albatros scouts) ... While doing this, the two hostile aircraft collided, the undercarriage of the upper crashing into the upper plane of the lower.

Title:Sopwith Pup Aces of World War 1
Author:Norman Franks
Publisher:Osprey Publishing - 2012-11-20


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