Sorceress Revealedtm

Sorceress Revealedtm

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Gifted with an unending wealth of magic, young Ellyana Foster leaves her home to follow a haunting vision. However, retracing her steps from the dream places her directly in the path of men with murderous intentions Prince Sebastien departs Altilaan to search for the Magician prophesied to protect his future rule. After rescuing the stunning, violet-eyed Ellyana, the prince realizes that she is the Magician he seeks. Ellyana returns to the palace with Sebastian to begin her formal education in magic. While adapting to her new life, her love for the prince blossoms into a close bond that is threatened by his scheming fiancAce and Ellyana's growing responsibilities to the crown. When Ellyana embarks on a cross-country quest to locate the fragments of a powerful relic, she soon realizes that she is the pawn of those who seek to prevent the future rule of the man she loves and erase magic from the land forever.Seth finally understood Stone and Ardena#39;s hesitation to interrupt Emerya#39;s attempt to disband the Council. ... The fourth and final new magician was a man well into his thirties, who only recently had noticed that he had an inexplicable talent for repairing any broken item. Erwin Caul demonstrated his new gift by snatching the glasses off young Wes Martina#39;s face and smashing them with Griffina#39;s notebook.

Title:Sorceress Revealedtm
Author:Nicci Baker
Publisher:Nicole Baker - 2007-04


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