Soul Contracts

Soul Contracts

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What are soul contracts and what roles do they play in our lives? How do you recognize your own soul contracts? Why is this knowledge so important for personal and spiritual growth? Can we communicate with deceased loved ones to help them, and learn from them? Includes: Self-help material for further exploring and healing contracts in your own life. Spiritual Post-Conception Birth Control and Past Life Techniques a€œThe Alchemy Institute is one of Americaa€™s foremost training programs in Past Life Regression. When my students study Past Life Regression, there are many texts we recommend. Soul Contracts is at the top of the list. Lindaa€™s compassion and her skill as a hypnotherapist show through in one inspiring story after another that proves the practical power of past life regression to transform lives. This book is filled with easy to read, fascinating true stories that open a window into a rich and extraordinary world of healing which lives inside of each of us.a€ ~ David Quigley, founder and Director of the Alchemy Institute a€œDear Linda, I love what you have written as it is so personal and easy to read and most important for everyone to understand that much of what is happening in their lives has its root in their distant past of a previous incarnation. Reincarnation is a fact as we are eternal and we can free ourselves of a problem in the present when we resolve the past in the manner that Linda Baker is sharing with us. A must read for the spiritually sincere.a€ Terry Cole-Whittaker a€“ author of What You Think of Me is None of My Business, Dare to Be Great and Live Your Bliss and many others a€œBrings a broad new dimension to our understanding of healing and personal change...Excellent reading!a€ a€“Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D. author of Spirit Circle and more than 25 books on personal growth a€œI just finished your book Soul Contracts. I was deeply affected by this book. I had to buy it because I could not let it go. Soul Contracts rang more bells in my heart, head and body than any book Ia€™ve read this year!a€ -J.B., Seattle, WAHow They Affect Your Life and Your Relationships - Past life Therapy to Change Your Present Life Linda Baker R.N. C.H.T. ... Often, a client will feel an actual physical shift in the body when the lost part or parts are called home. A vibrational and emotional shift is also common. You may wish to have this information recorded, either written or taped, so that you can refer back to the spiritual guidance youanbsp;...

Title:Soul Contracts
Author:Linda Baker R.N. C.H.T.
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-07-14


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