Southern Gothic

Southern Gothic

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Southern Gothic: New Tales of the South is an anthology like no other. Featuring over 15 stories and poems by new and veteran authors, the writing reflects a diverse range of Southern experience. From the post-Katrina New Orleans of Rose Yndigoyena€™s a€œLong Gone Girlsa€ and the deep-rooted family of Hardy Jonesa€™ a€œVisitina€™ Cormiervillea€ to the racial tension of Eryk Pruitta€™s a€œThem Ridersa€ and Shane K. Bernarda€™s a€œThe Phrenologist, a€ the anthology represents a new interpretation of the long-established Southern Gothic genre. Each story is paired with original art by Nathan Mark Phillips. Phillipsa€™ images pull at the underside of the stories and bring a thoughtful level of interpretation to each work. Poking at the heart of Southern distinctiveness, these writers and artists make a bold statement about the south in the 21st century.She entered a stall andsatonthe back of the toilet tank, rested her feet on the closed seat lid. ... everything hadbeen quiet foran hour, she slippedout ofthe bathroom, took the long way around to the entry hall and stood in front of the painting for a.

Title:Southern Gothic
Author:Eryk Pruitt, Rose Yndigoyen, Hardy Jones, Shane K. Bernard, A.A. Garrison, Michael Russell, A.G. Carpenter, Charles J. Beacham, Zachary Honey, Mark Pritchard, Emily Ruth Isaacson, Heather Bell Adams, Caitlin Cauley, Miranda Stone, Kent Tankersley
Publisher:New Lit Salon Press - 2013-10-15


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