Soviet American

Soviet American

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This is a book of the last century of the world. Or a book of life, about us, the people of the world and each individual. Or a book of answers that people do not always obey. From the past to present to the future. Family, parents, children, life, wife. Respect. Our past, our countries, our choices, our freedom. With total connection, with ideology, view, and mentality of our ancestors. Include our American founding fathers, Words, views, and hobbies. This book was born in an old-fashioned barbershop, made by an old-school Soviet barber. It has been offered to read to real-life customers on the spot while they were waiting for the best haircuts. From simple realities of small business owners and realities in old-fashioned barbershops, to simple realities and history of the country to around the world. Included is the Soviet barber's life story and roads to freedom, where American people will see their history, or real history, and reality of their ancestors who made tough decisions and choices and dangerous roads, to freedom and independence. It is based on conversations between the customers and the barber.But when we make left turn, we must check with both sides...right and left. Thata#39;s way, green light for Right only................ Forget, or not relay that much, or hope, or trust on presidents. (How much is that job even cost?) Of commander and chief, anbsp;...

Title:Soviet American
Author:Misha Mercedes
Publisher:Author House - 2014-11-11


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