Sow Your Fallow Ground

Sow Your Fallow Ground

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Sow Your Fallow Ground begins the discussion of how you choose what action to take for social justice. You must be the judge of why to take action, but the reasons to do so are fully explained in the Bible. The reason we have the power to choose is our ability to imagine the future effects of immediate choices; still, we often neglect that God-given ability. Sow Your Fallow Ground is about communication in light of the science of human action?the communication that separates humankind from lesser life forms. These concepts merge easily with the authentic Bible, in spite of the belief by many that the Bible and natural science are mutually exclusive. The science of praxeology, which is the common name for human action, teaches us how we make hundreds of choices every day. How we make those choices is a ?value-free? science; still, without some kind of rudder, compass, or guiding star, we drift into every kind of faulty behavior from unhealthy addictions to economic booms, busts, and wars. There is a very important connection between the infallible Bible, human action science (neither humanism nor psychology), and economics as a single subject. Like the biblical Trinity or a three-legged stool, they are different aspects of the same thing?the choices we make.If her brother, Chet, could build it, they could get rid of the old love seat and put the dollhouse on the card table in the ... too, when he saw the scale model building materials and doll house books but he couldna#39;t build one from scratch and get itanbsp;...

Title:Sow Your Fallow Ground
Author:Charles Simms
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-01


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