Space Between Words

Space Between Words

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Silent reading is now universally accepted as normal; indeed reading aloud to oneself may be interpreted as showing a lack of ability or understanding. Yet reading aloud was usual, indeed unavoidable, throughout antiquity and most of the middle ages. Saenger investigates the origins of the gradual separation of words within a continuous written text and the consequent development of silent reading. He then explores the spread of these practices throughout western Europe, and the eventual domination of silent reading in the late medieval period. A detailed work with substantial notes and appendices for reference.Bouma shape of the word in peripheral vision when written in Insular script.50 Ultimately, the terminal capital S form evolved ... as part of their conscious emulation of eleventh-century and twelfth-century exemplars.53 The e cedilla as an abbreviation for the ... space as a cue to word separation was not yet secure, scribes made copious use of terminal forms to make word separation emphatically clear.

Title:Space Between Words
Author:Paul Saenger
Publisher:Stanford University Press - 2000-01-01


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