Spanish with a Mission

Spanish with a Mission

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A call to spread the gospel is one of the highest honors you can receive. But frustration can set in if you feel called to minister to those with whom you don't share a language. In an effort to address this, Mirna Deborah Balyeat's Spanish With a Mission seamlessly integrates teaching Spanish with gospel-oriented vocabulary and cultural insights. It provides an excellent resource for any individual or group looking to minister to Spanish speakers across the street or abroad. With a vocabulary of more than one thousand words focusing on the themes of family, home, classroom, food, clothes, body, city, the Bible, and witnessing, this guide lays a thorough foundation for basic Spanish conversation in an easy-to-follow format, with exercises to practice what you learn. Moreover, it includes vocabulary for medical applications, construction, agriculture and children missions, as well as Bible texts and Spanish worship songs. As a bonus, cultural notes with biographical information about Hispanic Christian singers are included so you can become familiar with current Christian artists and their songs. An easy-to-use glossary and Spanish-English dictionary are also included for reference. Spanish with a Mission provides practical tools that give the seeds planted on missions the greatest potential for growth. It will teach you Spanish to help you build relationships and communicate the Gospel. Visit for additional material and information on how to receive a guide to start your own Spanish with a Mission class in your church or organization. qSpanish with a Mission is a wonderful resource to prepare you or your group for a mission opportunity to a Spanish speaking country. Deborah Balyeat has done a wonderful job of making this book relevant to missions and ministry needs, and very easy to use as a training tool for your team to prepare for their experience. I am grateful for the work and thought she put into this guide to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope you will consider this book for learning the language and the culture for your next mission endeavor to a Spanish speaking people group. q -Rene Maciel, President of Baptist University of the Americas qShort practical lessons mixed with cultural tidbits makes Spanish with a Mission the perfect language tool for Christians with a cross-cultural mission for learning Spanish. The need for conversational Spanish both in the U.S. and abroad is essential for building relationships and communicating the Gospel. Anyone with a desire to serve Hispanic people will find it easy to build vocabulary, learn verb tenses, and use idiomatic expressions in less than three months. Learning Spanish songs and being able to share a faith story in Spanish equips believers for 'ministry, witnessing, and mission trips'.q -Jim and Viola Palmer, Career Missionaries, Latin America qSpanish with a Mission is the most practical, Gospel-oriented resource on the market today. . . This book will change the future of Spanish missions forever.q -Craig C. Christina, Shiloh Terrace Baptist ChurchThe simple past tense in Spanish is called the Preterite. The Preterite tense is used to express an action, event, or condition seen as completed in the past. Most ofthe time it expresses actions in the past. The past tense is needed to tell anyanbsp;...

Title:Spanish with a Mission
Author:Mirna Deborah Balyeat
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2013-11


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