Special Edition Using TCP/IP

Special Edition Using TCP/IP

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Special Edition Using TCP/IP, 2E is the practical guide to applications of TCP/IP, including utilities for operation, troubleshooting, and management, with insight into future applications such as Voice over IP and VPNs. It includes current TCP/IP draft standards and future work planned. Clear illustrations of practical utilities enable the reader to understand both the technology and applications together from a single source. It includes current scaling problems in the Internet like addressing and routing. Both short-term solutions and long-term solutions for these problems are discussed.Repeaters operate from the Physical layer of the OSI reference model. Bridges operate from the Data Link layer and the Physical layer of the OSI reference model. Gateways can operate from all seven layers of the OSI reference model.

Title:Special Edition Using TCP/IP
Author:Ramadas Shanmugam, R. Padmini, S. Nivedita
Publisher:Que Publishing - 2002


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