Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome

Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome

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The spectacle of death, exemplified by the games in the Colosseum in Rome and other coliseums, effected Roman civilization and culture by introducing death as sport and entertainment. Death games led to institutionalized violence and a savage industry that produced economic gains by profiting from murder and mayhem.The Cloaca Maxima began as a stream and was channeled as a sewer under Tarquinius Priscus, but it still remained an open ... but clogging was a problem; they might back up and flood the Forum, and they needed manual cleaning periodically. For futher bibliography on the sewer system, now see Gowers (1995 ) n. ... 74 The finds are still largely unpublished, and I am grateful to Nick Bateman, director of the excavations for the Museum of London Archaeology Service, for hisanbsp;...

Title:Spectacles of Death in Ancient Rome
Author:Donald G. Kyle
Publisher:Psychology Press - 1998


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