Speed Bumps and Roundabouts: Lessons I’ve Learned on the Journey

Speed Bumps and Roundabouts: Lessons I’ve Learned on the Journey

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Why didna€™t life work out as I planned? My plan was great! I would grow up with a loving family. I would have many friends to make pinky promises with. I would get top grades through school and be popular to boot. I would study for a degree I was passionate about, and I would meet . . . a€œThe Onea€ (sigh) . . . we would get married and have children who looked and behaved like baby angels. Oh, and Ia€™d live happily ever after, of course. Was that too much to ask? I didna€™t plan for my parents to divorce. I didna€™t plan to change schools because of bullying. I didna€™t plan for university to fill me with doubts about whether I was good enough. I didna€™t plan to be single at 28. I didna€™t plan to run away to the other side of the world. But look where Ia€™ve ended up. Life is never the smooth and straightforward journey we expect. Along the way, things slow us down and turn us around. Speed Bumps and Roundabouts is a story of those things: Hope. Vulnerability. Apathy. Gratitude. Beauty. Boundaries. Waiting . . . The journey is worth it, the scenery can be captivating, but wea€™ll never know unless we keep going . . . over the speed bumps and around the roundabouts.1. a€œClosing Time, a€ Semisonic, released 1998 from the album, Feeling Strangely Fine, record label MCA, written by Dan Wilson ... Chapter 10. Fuzzy feelings and arranged marriage 1. 1Corinthians 13, NIV. 2. a€œDo You Love Me?a€ from Fiddler onanbsp;...

Title:Speed Bumps and Roundabouts: Lessons I’ve Learned on the Journey
Author:Pip McCracken
Publisher:Ambassador International - 2014-01-31


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