SPIKE your Brand ROI

SPIKE your Brand ROI

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Increase ROI through more effective brand marketing According to CMO.com, we are exposed to more than 5, 000 brand messages each day. Marketers call this a€œcreating engagement, q and each comment, share, or re-tweet is supposed to be a win. But is this deluge of content really working to shift perception, change behavior, or sell products? The truth is, only 5% of people say that social media has a profound effect on their purchasing decisions. Moreover, only 2.7% of people are willing to stick their neck out on the line to recommend your brand via social media, a factor known as a€œsocial risk.a€ In SPIKE Your Brand ROI, public relations maven Adele Cehrs shares her strategy for effective engagement: ita€™s all about timing. This book will teach you how to recognize, anticipate, or even create a SPIKE a€“ a Sudden Point of Interest that Kick-starts Exposure. This is your opportunity to reach people when they are primed to hear your message, and your brand is most relevant to their lives. Based on the authora€²s actual engagements with clients like Yum Brands, Lockheed Martin, DuPont, and more, this practical guide outlines a new, pragmatic approach that will enable you to: Learn to recognize brand patterns that are driven by audience interests and outside events Focus your energy, resources, and money when your brand is top-of-mind Decrease your marketing spend while increasing your bottom-line benefits Maximize benefits or mitigate damage by anticipating when your company, association, or nonprofit is going to be in the spotlight Retool traditional word-of-mouth initiatives for optimum results With Adele Cehrs' proven methodology, you can turn a SPIKE into a strategic platform from which to improve results, build respect, and boost your ROI.A perfect self-made billionaire underdog story is Spanx founder Sara Blakely. She took $5, 000 and an idea for footless pantyhose, and turned it into a womena#39;s hosiery empire. People love Spanx as a brand, not just because they carry great anbsp;...

Title:SPIKE your Brand ROI
Author:Adele R. Cehrs
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-01-26


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