Spirits and Spells

Spirits and Spells

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Create your character and roll the dicea€”ita€™s all just a game . . . or is it? Why cana€™t Tansya€™s boyfriend, Travis, be into something normala€”like football? Instead, he likes complicated games with magical characters and fantastic setups. In fact, Travis just discovered a new one called Spirits and Spells, which hea€™s sure will be a huge hit. To try it out, Tansy, Travis, and four of their friends gather one night in an abandoned mansiona€”the perfect setting for their spooky quest. All six accept their charactersa€™ roles and special abilities and set off to find four objects of power that Travis has hidden nearby. But as they move deeper into the house, the players encounter obstacles that definitely werena€™t supposed to be there, and the dangers start to seem all too real. Before morning, each of them will be forced to call on their new powers as they struggle to keep their magical identities from taking over and getting what they really want: a way back into this world. This ebook features an illustrated personal history of Bruce Coville including rare images from the authora€™s collection.Then she heard another voice, deep and rough, and the sound of clanging swords. Without thinking, she raced ... It began pulling Derek toward its mouth, making an urgent gasping noise, a wheezing cough of hunger. Derek clawed at theanbsp;...

Title:Spirits and Spells
Author:Bruce Coville
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-09-30


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