Spiritual Intelligence and the Neuroplastic Brain

Spiritual Intelligence and the Neuroplastic Brain

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Our brains are getting wired differently in the world of digital technology, information revolution, and in the inter-cultural world of global society. Think of the new vocabulary: Global brain, collective intelligence, global village, and cyberspace. That should tell us something about the neural rewiring that is taking place inside of our brains, whether or not we are aware of it. The fact that the human brain changes throughout a person's life in response to intellectual stimulation, physical exercise, exposure to new cultural environments, learning opportunities, and challenges is a revolutionary discovery. Till twenty years ago neuroscientists believed in the conventional theory that the brain's ability at making new neural connections stopped before a child entered adolescence. That is the old dogma. There is a qSecond Copernican Revolutionq taking place inside of our brains, writes the author, quoting Carl Zimmer. Some experts are suggesting that we are already living in what Richard Restack calls the qneurosociety.q Ray Kurzweil, the futurist, is predicting that by 2045 A.D., human beings will be living in an era of qsingularity, q when non biological machines invented by human brains and human ingenuity are going to outsmart human intelligence billions of times. What is going to be the fate of the human spirit, human spirituality, the feeling of connection to a force and power that is greater than us (God), our ability to use spiritual imagination and our intelligence? Are we progressively moving away from religion and community-based spirituality into the qspirituality of different strokes for different folks?q In his groundbreaking book, Spiritual Intelligence and The Neuroplastic Brain: A Contextual Interpretation of Modern History, Charles W. Mark takes the reader on a journey through modern history and shows the glimpse of what is to come. http: //www.spirituality-intelligence.comMeditative Prayer: aquot;How often do you spend time just feeling or being in the presence of God? ... including frequency of prayer, correlated with well-being on various axes, what was interesting about the study was that ... Create a healing space (a sacred place: Temple, church, and a prayer cell, a poojah center at home, etc.)anbsp;...

Title:Spiritual Intelligence and the Neuroplastic Brain
Author:Charles W. Mark Ph. D., Charles W. Mark
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010


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