Spitfire Dive-Bombers versus the V2

Spitfire Dive-Bombers versus the V2

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On 8 September 1944 the first of over 1, 000 V2 missiles aimed at southern England exploded in west London. It had been launched from a wooded street corner in Den Haag in the Netherlands. Fighter Command was responsible for defending Britain from air attack and thus Air Marshal Roderic Hill countered the threat by using six squadrons of Spitfires from 12 Group bases in Norfolk to discover and then dive-bomb the mobile V2 launch sites scattered throughout the Dutch towns and countryside. This was no easy task as the missiles were well camouflaged and often positioned adjacent to dwellings occupied by civilians. The RAF was under orders to cause minimum damage to Dutch property and life, therefore precision bombing became a necessity. This is a full account of the campaign including discussions of the strategy and tactics employed and the equipment used and it also considers the effect upon Dutch civilians. It draws upon the experiences of sixteen Allied pilots, ground crew and the Dutch who were at the receiving-end of the attacks.Four Spitfires took off at 07.15 and found so much cloud over The Hague that they aborted their first attack but took a ... After re-forming, they swept the area to the southa€”west of Amsterdam, shooting up a staff car which they left blazing. No. ... No doubt after forming up, as they crossed the North Sea, they eased out into the more relaxed formation employed to make the transit easier and conserve fuel.

Title:Spitfire Dive-Bombers versus the V2
Author:Bill Simpson
Publisher:Pen and Sword - 2007-06-21


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