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Spliffs' offers a fun, accessible guide to everything you will need to know about dope and dope-smoking. The book begins with a short history on dope through history; the next two chapters provide guides to all the different types of grass and hash and to the various joint-rolling styles (both chapters feature specially commissioned, cut-to-white photos). Paraphernalia (from papers to pipes) is covered in the fourth chapter, while Chapter Five offers a fastmoving review of famous and infamous dopeheads through history, fictional as well as real-life. Chapter Six takes the reader on a guided tour of Amsterdam's famous headshops and cafes, and reviews the UK's own developing 'Cafe' scene. The final chapter reviews the debates about the dangers/benefits of dope-smoking. The book concludes with an extensive glossary of terms and bibliography. Spliffs is produced in association with the world's leading magazine in the subject area, High Times. As well as the commissioned identification and 'how- to' photos, the book features many archive pictures.2. Glue a third paper across the width of the two that are already joined, again gently blowing on the glued papers until they are secure. Tear off a strip of cardboard to make a roach filter 3 and mix the marijuana with the tobacco betweenanbsp;...

Author:Nick Jones
Publisher:Pavilion Books - 2013-07-30


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