Split Second

Split Second

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Sandra and Ray Hocking have worked hard their whole lives; in their sixties, they were simply looking forward to retirement. In an instant, however, their lives changed forever when Ray suffered a freak accident that caused him to be paralyzed. He needed around-the-clock care and couldna€™t even live in his own home. Ray struggled to make progress at a rehabilitation facility before moving to a convalescent home, which became his permanent home. Although he had lost the ability to move like he once did, he continued to inspire everyone he met. A constant advocate for her husband, Sandra did everything she couldto help him recover a life worth living. She liquidated assets, organized fundraisers for an accessible van, and researched grants. She determined what assistance her husband qualified for and what he didna€™ta€”and through it all, Ray kept a positive attitude. Sandra spent some time being angry, but she sees every day with her husband and their family is a gift. She has already found out that it can all change in aSplit Second.I had to get rid of Raya#39;s 2000 Saab and my 1999 Grand Am and buy an expensive new vehicle. I went to a couple ... presented a problem because, not only did I own a seven-passenger vehicle, I still needed a handicapped van! I was able toanbsp;...

Title:Split Second
Author:Sandra Hocking
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-11


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