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Splitsville is a 21st century screwball comedy about a Manhattan company that breaks up relationships for people who can't say the words qIt's overq. Chester wants to leave his fiancAce, Sara. Holly's looking for revenge after her boyfriend dumped her. And she's starting to develop a crush on Charlie. Charlie thinks it would be better for Sallie if she left the man in her life. Thurston would love to have a baby with Lainey because she's cute and because a TV executive thinks it'd be good for ratings. But Marvin the Millionaire Meat King wants Thurston and Lainey busted up. Lainey still has feelings for Charlie. Charlie's falling for Adelaide. And Adelaide's married to Rob. Luckily, there's a corporation that can work all this out for everybody and send them to the happiest place on earth. Welcome to Splitsville. qWhile he gets in your head like Nick Hornby, Sean's writing style is all his own. Splitsville is a hugely original story full of flawed and relatable characters. If there was a word to describe quality literature that's both accessible and pissfunny, it would be qCondonesqueq. q KITTY FLANAGANHe was really trying to keep it together, but it wasna#39;t easy. ... When she spoke French and when she smiled, how that smile made her cheekbones pop out and the way it revealed the two sharp incisors that added a literal bite to her expressionanbsp;...

Author:Sean Condon
Publisher:Pan - 2013-05-01


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