Spoiled Beyond Recognition

Spoiled Beyond Recognition

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When Benjamin was a boy he believed in the afterlife. When he was bitten by a cat as a boy he became a devout ailurophobe and cat bully who vowed to hate cats forever. When he was an adult Benjamin was startled by a stray cat at a rooftop dance party. He fell off the roof and the next morning he woke up inside a cardboard box behind a 1970s-themed Disco bar. He was later taken in and adopted by his neighbor and friend and spent the rest of his life as the very thing he detested, a cat. Author's Note: When you finish the book there is a very simply crochet pattern at the end for you to enjoy!I had no idea who the guy was, but I was not trying to get myself into more trouble with my girl; she had to be pissed wondering where the hell I was. ... I could almost smell cooked hot dogs and white onions, the same wonderful smell that emanated from food carts on almost every block in ... Maylinda made a a€œkillera€ homemade relish, a combination of both her cultures, chopped cilantro mixed with sweet pickles and Sriraja Panich chili sauce that you find in Asian-themed restaurants.

Title:Spoiled Beyond Recognition
Author:L.D. Sargent
Publisher:Lulu - 2013-09-27


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