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You can try to escape from the mundane, or with the help of Paul Di Filippo, you can take a brief, meaningful break from it. In the vein of George Saunders or Michael Chabon, Di Filippo uses the tools of science fiction and the surreal to take a deep, richly felt look at humanity. His brand of funny, quirky, thoughtful, fast-moving, heart-warming, brain-bending stories exist across the entire spectrum of the fantastic from hard science fiction to satire to fantasy and on to horror, delivering a riotously entertaining string of modern fables and stories from tomorrow, now and anytime. After you read Paul Di Filippo, youa€™ll no longer see everyday life quite the same. For most people, as they say, money makes the world go a€˜round. For Rory Honeyman, ita€™s a different story. Having inadvertently and, almost without noticing, invented a new form of cash cow, money makes Rorya€™s world go strangely pear-shaped and out-of-control. He has an endless supply of blank checks that never bounce but hea€™s being guided by an albino, hustled by a saline-snorting sandwich-obsessed gourmet, manipulated by a devious banker and befuddled and bemused by a never-ending assortment of attractive and baffling women. And, for reasons unknown and unknowable, after racing from the Great Plains to Mexico City to Canada to Europe, hea€™s stuck in Hoboken and there appears to be no way out. Originally published: 2004Once you make it, not onlyis there nochance of going backwards, but youa#39;ve leveraged your product into the heavenly realmof insubstantiality. All your ... Finished with her paper folding, Netsuke revealed a simple paper bird heldupinheranbsp;...

Author:Paul Di Filippo
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-04-01


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