Sponsorship's Holy Grail

Sponsorship's Holy Grail

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Who holds the upper hand when a company considers investing millions of dollars in a hot sponsorship property? All too often, sponsors find themselves considering what look like qtake it or leave itq deals with little or no guarantee of a return on their investment.Sponsorship's Holy Grail levels the playing field for sponsors by providing an objective, step-by-step, process-driven methodology that assures that the relationship will deliver measurable results. Whether considering a new sponsorship opportunity, monitoring performance of an existing relationship or entering into negotiations for renewal, Sponsorship's Holy Grail puts the prospective sponsor in an unprecedented position of strength. Learn to negotiate based on business goals. Obtain the most essential sponsorship benefits without paying for unproductive frills. Compare opportunities with confidence. Best of all, be confident and prepared when the chairman calls to find out what the company is getting for its money. A ballplayer wouldn't think of stepping up to home plate without a bat in his hands. After reading Sponsorship's Holy Grail, corporate decision-makers will be ready to knock their next sponsorship deal out of the park.Coca-Cola. Vodafone. Ford. Olympus. Shell. Telefonica. Budweiser. Xerox. A seemingly disparate and endless list. What do ... It brings consumers in direct contact with the product or service of a company and makes that connection a part of their lives. ... The focus quickly shifts to the questions of where is the most effective place to spend this budget and what are we really getting out of the sponsorship?

Title:Sponsorship's Holy Grail
Author:Raymond Bednar
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005


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