Squinty, the Comical Pig

Squinty, the Comical Pig

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Squinty, a brave, bold, mischievous little pig, longs to escape his pen and roam around in the lush green garden a€• especially the area where the juicy pigweed grows. When Squinty sees his chance, he makes a break for it and sets out on a journey far beyond the garden that's full of surprises, including travels by train and hot air balloon. Before long, Squinty meets Young Bob, who teaches him tricks: finding hidden acorns, jumping across a rope, and standing on his hind legs and marching with a stick like a soldier carrying a rifle. Squinty also encounters Slicko the Squirrel and Mappo the Merry Monkey, other characters from Richard Barnum's heartwarming series of animal adventures.a€œBow wow! Bow wow!Bow wow!a€ barked Don, still keeping hold of Squintya#39;s ear, though he did notpinch very hard.a€œBow wow! Get backto your penwhere you belong!a€ a€œSquee! Squee! Squee!a€ yelled Squinty.a€œOh, please let me go! Ia#39;ll begood !

Title:Squinty, the Comical Pig
Author:Richard Barnum
Publisher:Courier Corporation - 2014-10-07


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