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Five student civil engineers, including author Roy Dainty, find themselves caught up in a series of outrageous capers. No students have ever been more challenged by events than these featured in a€˜S**Ta€™. They fall in it, get covered in it, and cause it. Events kick off with Roy breaking into the sewers of Southampton before all five return to university in London, only to be sent off to geology and surveying field courses in Swaledale and Folkestone where havoc reins. Trying to make love on a collapsible campbed, being attacked by bullocks, becoming lost in a snowstorm, taking on the army, peeing off a church tower a€“ oops the gravedigger is passing beneath - and driving into a water meadow; these are some of the less chaotic events. a€˜S**Ta€™ is a true autobiographical story, though you wona€™t believe it, that captures the hilarious events of early 1973. Drunkenness and debauchery, danger and dalliance. a€˜S**Ta€™ includes it all. Only forty years on is it safe to tell these truths about life as student civil engineers.Many attacked the doors with their beaks, shredding away the wood. The camera ... Would the hero and heroine survive the attack? Mitch busied ... Melanie sensing something amiss makes her way slowly up the stairs, keeping close against the wall, torch in hand. All is silent. ... The noise continued briefly outside the window and then faded, leaving only the bird noises coming from the TV. He was trulyanbsp;...

Author:Roy Dainty
Publisher:Author House - 2013-05-30


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