Stalker's Exile

Stalker's Exile

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IN THE DARKEST REACHES OF THE VOID, THERE ARE SECRETS WORTH KILLING FOR. When hijackers take control of a corporate ship and disappear without a trace, they escape with a bounty on their heads and a secret powerful enough to bring down entire corporations. Bounty hunters Eddie Gould and Dom Souza take the contract to recover the stolen ship and apprehend the fugitives. But when they track the hijackers to a vast exile ship, home to thousands of refugees from dead colonies, they soon discover they aren't the only ones on the hunt. As rival corporations send their own agents in search of the hijackers, Eddie and Dom become embroiled in a shadow war being waged within the exile ship's ancient hull. And in a war like this, there's only one rule. Everyone is expendable.Eddie kicked the broken vending machine. It didna#39;t give ... He crouched down and stuck his hand through the slot, trying to reach up and grab a bottle out of the machinea#39;s mechanisms. He didna#39;t ... a€œYoua#39;ll get your arm jammed, and then Ia#39;ll have to cut it off. ... They shared the place with a halfdozen other occupants, each of them slouched in a cushioned chair or lying on one of the couches fixed to the wall.

Title:Stalker's Exile
Author:Chris Strange
Publisher:Cheeky Minion - 101-01-01


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