“Stand Up America!”

“Stand Up America!”

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This book is written by someone just like you, a private American Citizen, not some politican or news media talking head. This book exposes all the wrong doings of our Congressmen and Senators, from self awarded pay raises, to how they profit from insider trading stealing millions, to their lavish vacations taken around the world on taxpayersa€™ money. Also learn how and why lobbyists need to be run off Capitol Hill and run out of Washington once and for good! Discover who gets foreign aid and how much. Learn why the Department of Education and HUD must be abolished. Discover how PAC money is corrupting our elected Officials. This book will give you all the facts and amounts of how our hard earned tax dollars are wasted and how we can all put an end of Washington being out of control once and for all. This book comes up with simple and practical solutions how we the a€œCommon Joes of Americaa€ can force our will on the Politicians of Washington once and for all!Does the amount of $99, 000, 000.00 seem about one dollar to much? Shouldna#39;t we be paying off our debt first that we owe China rather than giving them Foreign Assistance Aid? Doesna#39;t it ... There are seven categories found under Foreign Military Financing program and these are the areas that money goes to under FMF.

Title:“Stand Up America!”
Author:Walt English
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-02-25


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