Standard C++ IOStreams and Locales

Standard C++ IOStreams and Locales

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Standard C++ provides a foundation for creating new, improved, and more powerful C++ components. IOStreams and locales are two such major components for text internationalization. As critical as these two APIs are, however, there are few resources devoted to explaining them. qStandard C++ IOStreams and Localesq fills this informational gap. It provides a comprehensive description of, and reference to, the iostreams and locales classes, showing how to put them to use and offering advanced information on customizing and extending their basic operation. Written by two experts involved with the development of the standard, this book reveals the rationale behind the design of the APIs and points out their potential pitfalls. This book serves as both a guide and a reference to C++ components. Part I explains iostreams, what they are, how they are used, their underlying architectural concepts, and the techniques for extending the iostream framework. Part II introduces internationalization and shows you how to adapt your program to local conventions. Readers seeking an initial overview of the problem domain will find an explanation of what internationalization and localization are, how they are related, and how they differ. With examples, the authors show the differences among cultural conventions, how C++ locales can be used to address such differences, and how locale framework can be extended to handle further, nonstandard cultural conventions. qStandard C++ IOStreams and Localesq Explains formatting and error indication features of iostreams in detail Describes underlying concepts of the iostreams framework Demonstrates implementation of i/o operations for user-defined types Shows techniques for implementing extended stream and stream buffer classes Introduces internationalization Explains how to use standard features for internationalization Demonstrates techniques for implementation of user-defined internationalization services IOStreams and locales serve as a foundation library that provides a number of ready-to-use interfaces, as well as frameworks that can be customized and extended. The class reference to C++ IOStreams and locales completes this comprehensive resource, which belongs in the libraries of all intermediate and advanced C++ programmers. 0201183951B04062001Advanced Programmera#39;s Guide and Reference Angelika Langer, Klaus Kreft. String stream ... The effect of ofstream ostr ( aquot;/tmp/f ilaquot; ) ; int i=10; ostr Al unitbuf; while (i a€” ) { ostr alt;alt; i; } is the same as in ofstream ostr ( aquot;/tmp/f ilaquot; ) ; int i=10; while (ianbsp;...

Title:Standard C++ IOStreams and Locales
Author:Angelika Langer, Klaus Kreft
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional - 2000-01


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