Standards-Driven Power Algebra I (Textbook & Classroom Supplement)

Standards-Driven Power Algebra I (Textbook & Classroom Supplement)

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Standards-Driven Power Algebra I is a textbook and classroom supplement for students, parents, teachers and administrators who need to perform in a standards-based environment. This book is from the official Standards-Driven Series (Standards-Driven and Power Algebra I are trademarks of Nathaniel Max Rock). The book features 412 pages of hands-on standards-driven study guide material on how to understand and retain Algebra I. Standards-Driven means that the book takes a standard-by-standard approach to curriculum. Each of the 25 Algebra I standards are covered one-at-a-time. Full explanations with step-by-step instructions are provided. Worksheets for each standard are provided with explanations. 25-question multiple choice quizzes are provided for each standard. Seven, full-length, 100 problem comprehensive final exams are included with answer keys. Newly revised and classroom tested. Author Nathaniel Max Rock is an engineer by training with a Masters Degree in business. He brings years of life-learning and math-learning experiences to this work which is used as a supplemental text in his high school Algebra I classes. If you are struggling in a qstandards-basedq Algebra I class, then you need this book! (E-Book ISBN#0-9749392-1-8 (ISBN13#978-0-9749392-1-6))Fact4.0 Simplify 4(2x - 3) + 2x - 1 agt; 7(3x + 2) + 35 A. 10x-13agt;21x + 49 B. -llx-4agt;49 C. llx + 4alt;49 D. 24x + 13agt;19 22. Fact4.0 Simplify 3(x + 2) + 4 = 2(2x + 3) + 2x + 3 A. 10x-23 = 12 B. 3x + 10 = 6x + 9 C. 3x-10 = -9 D. 9x + 10 = 6 15. Fact4.0anbsp;...

Title:Standards-Driven Power Algebra I (Textbook & Classroom Supplement)
Author:Nathaniel Max Rock
Publisher:Team Rock Press - 2005-08-01


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