Stanford Law Review: Volume 63, Issue 3 - March 2011

Stanford Law Review: Volume 63, Issue 3 - March 2011

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This March 2011 issue of the Stanford Law Review contains studies of law, economics, and social policy by recognized scholars on such diverse topics as qpreglimony, q derivatives markets in a fiscal crisis, corporate reform in Brazil, land use and zoning under contract theory, and a student Note on college endowments at elite schools during a time of economic downturn. Contents for the March 2011 issue are: qRegulatory Dualism as a Development Strategy: Corporate Reform in Brazil, the U.S., and the E.U., q by Ronald J. Gilson, Henry Hansmann and Mariana Pargendler qThe Derivatives Market's Payment Priorities as Financial Crisis Accelerator, q by Mark J. Roe qThe Contract Transformation in Land Use Regulation, q by Daniel P. Selmi qPreglimony, q by Shari Motro Note, qScarcity Amidst Wealth: The Law, Finance, and Culture of Elite University Endowments in Financial Crisisq In the ebook editions, the footnotes, graphs, and tables of contents (including those for individual articles) are fully linked, properly scalable, and functional; the original note numbering is retained; URLs in notes are active; and the issue is properly formatted.As aresult, the currentrule misses an opportunity to reward and encourage men who are already inclined to support ... Asa result, thecurrent legal approach to reproduction is unjust, it is expressly harmful, and it sets up the wrong incentives.

Title:Stanford Law Review: Volume 63, Issue 3 - March 2011
Author:Stanford Law Review
Publisher:Quid Pro Books - 2011-03-31


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