Star Trek: Signature Edition: Imzadi Forever

Star Trek: Signature Edition: Imzadi Forever

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Imzadi: to the people of the planet Betazed, including Counselor Deanna Troi of the Starship Enterprise, a„c it means qbelovedq and denotes that which can never be truly broken. Yet to whom does Deanna's heart truly belong? Commander William Riker was the first Deanna called Imzadi. Long before they served together on board the Enterprise, they shared a tempestuous love affair back on Betazed. And even now, many years later, Riker will embark on a desperate journey across time and space to save Deanna's life. But Riker is not the only Starfleet officer to capture Deanna's heart. Lieutenant Commander Worf, the fierce Klingon warrior, is also drawn to Deanna's gentle and caring nature. Brought together by fate, he and Deanna share an unexpected passion that tests the bonds between Troi and Riker -- even as a deadly Romulan conspiracy threatens them all! Bonus: An Exclusive Interview with the Author This edition includes Imzadi and Imzadi II: Triangle.If I didna#39;t . . . do you think I could have willingly subjected myself to our little sparring match earlier? ... She removed the stem and cradled the bud itself in the palm of her hand. ... a€œI do not appreciate your cavalierly dismissing my way of life.

Title:Star Trek: Signature Edition: Imzadi Forever
Author:Peter David
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2003-12-02


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