Starting and Running a Do-It-Yourself Dogwash

Starting and Running a Do-It-Yourself Dogwash

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You say you want to own your business. You say you want to work around dogs. Self-service dog washes have been around for twenty years but many, many communities still do not have one. You say this would be the perfect small business for you to start. This is the book that tells you how do it. Author Doug Gelbert distills his experience from tens of thousands of dirty dogs in his shops in Delaware and Pennsylvania into Starting And Running A Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash. The book is divided into over 30 easily digested topics that take the would-be-business owner through every imaginable aspect of do-it-yourself dog washes (see table of contents). The book is printed in a user-friendly spiral binding that lays open flat for the easiest possible access and quick reference. In addition to the covered topics there are 32 dog wash-specific forms that you can tear out or copy for your business: Cash Flow Variance Report Comment Card Customer Questionnaire Customer Release Form Demographic Matrix Emergency Report Employee Application Form Employee Confidentiality Agreement Employee Personal Data Form Employment Questionnaire Frequent BatherUs Club Application Guest Book Sheets Income Variance Report Introductory Period Agreement Job Description Form ManagerUs Daily Summary Report ManagerUs Job Agreement Monthly Demographic Totals Pet Sitter Record Supplies Control Log Tip Sheets Car Travel With Your Dog Chocolate Is Poison! Home Pet Clipping How To Clip Toenails How To Pet A Dog Proper Brushing The Perfect Dog Bath Your Dog and Summer Your Dog and Winter Vendor Data Sheet Weekly Money In/OutIf the toenails do not need to be cut, the dewclaws usually do. V- If a dog is uncomfortable with clipping, use blinders as a dog is not afraid of what he cannot see. Teach the dog to stand or sit still and offer his paw, clip off a tiny bit each day foranbsp;...

Title:Starting and Running a Do-It-Yourself Dogwash
Author:Doug Gelbert
Publisher:Cruden Bay Books - 2002-05


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