State of Slim

State of Slim

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Americans are getting fatter. A third of them are now obesea€”not just a few pounds overweight, but heavy enough to put their health in jeopardy. But, one state bucks the trend. Colorado is the leanest state in the nation, but not because of something in the air or the water. Rather, ita€™s where diet, activity, and environment perfectly intersect. From their Denver-based research facility, leading weight-loss experts Dr. James Hill and Dr. Holly Wyatt set out to discover why Coloradans are so slim and how they stay that way. They studied the patients in their weight-loss clinic along with the lean people of Colorado. They also looked for clues in the National Weight Control Registry, a scientific database of thousands of successful qlosersq across the country who have dropped an average of 70 pounds and kept it off for 6 years. Their comparison of these groups led to an aha momenta€”the discovery of 6 simple habits that keep people in a state of slim. With proof that you can live like a lean Coloradan anywhere, Hill and Wyatt used those 6 habits as the foundation for their revolutionary plan, the Colorado Diet. Unlike most qdiets, q this one reveals the secrets of people who are in the state of slim, whether ita€™s because theya€™ve always been slender or because theya€™ve lost weight and kept it off over the long term. This is critical, because what you need to do to for long-term weight maintenance is different from what you do to lose weight. You must repair your metabolism. If you dona€™t, you can drop pounds, but you wona€™t keep them off. The NWCR participants and Colorado residents had intuitively uncovered the right blend of food, activity, and habits that keep metabolism in top working order. Follow their lead, and youa€™ll be able to actually eat more food and still stay at a healthy weight. The Colorado Diet is divided into three phases with very clear objectives: Reignite, Rebuild, and Reinforce your metabolism. In the Reignite and Rebuild phases, youa€™ll drop 20 pounds in just 8 weeks as you discover how to eat and move so that you are working with, rather than against, your bodya€™s metabolism. With a new, flexible metabolism, youa€™ll progress into the Reinforce phase, where youa€™ll continue to lose weight and solidify your new lifestyle. Along the way, youa€™ll learn how to make changes in your environment and your mind-set so they support, rather than thwart, your success. By following the Colorado Diet, youa€™ll get your body into a State of Slim for good.a six-pack where that roll of fat now hung over his waistband. ... He was moderately physically active but never felt that he had to go out of his way to make sure he hit the gym every day. ... his body stockpiled every extra calorie and stuffed it into the bulges of fat that kept covering up muscles that used to be visible. ... Adding more exercise helped limit the decline, but now he had to pay attention to his diet.

Title:State of Slim
Author:James O. Hill, Holly Wyatt
Publisher:Rodale - 2013-08-20


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