Static Fields and Potentials

Static Fields and Potentials

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Static Fields and Potentials describes two of the fundamental interactions in nature: gravity and electromagnetism. The book introduces the associated fields, potentials, and energies and explains the relationship among them. It shows how these interactions manifest themselves in different ways, from the formation of stars to the operation of thunderstorms. The book also demonstrates how they are harnessed technologically in applications, such as hydroelectricity, electrical circuitry, and DNA finger-printing.To do this, we consider first what the resistance of the wire needs to be. ... (Eqn 3.17) (Eqn 3.4) The effect of temperature Given the ubiquity of light-bulbs, and the vast amount of energy we spend in lighting ... However, if we could heat the filament to 2400 K, then around 3.9% of the energy would be emitted as light, i.e. nearly three times as much light. ... of light) then the cost of lighting would drop by around 65%. inner (hot) quartz bulb halogen gas The tungstena€”halogen light- bulbanbsp;...

Title:Static Fields and Potentials
Author:Joy Manners
Publisher:CRC Press - 2000-01-01


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