Status, Power and Ritual Interaction

Status, Power and Ritual Interaction

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Numerous sociologists suppose that ritual is foundational for social life. Kemper, however, argues that status and power structure social relations, determine emotions and link individuals to the reference groups that deliver culture and administer preferences, actions, beliefs and ideas. An important contention is that allegiance to fundamental ideas is primarily faithfulness to the reference groups that foster them, not to the ideas themselves. This triggers the counter-intuitive deduction that the concept of the self is both feckless and irrelevant.This reflects, in part, the degree of social differentiation that facilitates, perhaps even necessitates, such interests (Durkheim [1895] 1964), and, in part, the different strength of the reference groups supporting these different perspectives in anyanbsp;...

Title:Status, Power and Ritual Interaction
Author:Professor Theodore D Kemper
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2013-01-28


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