Stealing America's Future

Stealing America's Future

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Stealing America's Future makes a comparison of today's America to late 19th Century Europe using two rare books, The Conventional Lies of our Civilization by Nordau, describing Europe's elitist leadership, and The Soviets at Work by Lenin, outlining the Russian Revolution as it took place. Not a part of the discussion of history, both provide frightening detail about the nuances of the geopolitics of Europe, circa 1900, that relate to today's America. Using heartwarming family stories, humorous anecdotes, incisive criticism, and cold factual analysis, it describes how progressive liberalism, with its attempts at social engineering and excessive permissiveness, has brought social and economic disaster to America. David Letterman relating to Sarah Palin qI fear he sees her as more man than he will ever be and more woman than he will ever get.q Bill Maher relating to Michelle Obama only conclusion about Maher is that he is just another angry little bully who is fearful of powerful women...q Is it time to separate the North American Continent into a federation of smaller component nations better reflecting the economics and ethos of these individual component nations, yet having our common defense as the only connection or do we need to get back to the Constitution our founders gave to us? Raised in a poor farm family in Pawnee County, Nebraska, Dr. Steiner had the ethics of hard work and family values as his primary guide post to succeed. Working his way through college and graduating from the University of Nebraska in 1973, he located his dental practice in an economically impacted area of Omaha, Nebraska where he also worked in a public health clinic, developing insights with regard to what motivates people. He is a pilot and an accomplished martial artist, attaining several black belts. He was featured in a Sun-Up Interview by the Omaha World Herald's, Robert McMorris, and was also featured in an interview by William Rush in the League of Human Dignity paper, where Sensei Steiner outlined his martial arts training strategies for handicapped persons. He was called by Charles Kuralt to panel a discussion of the Gulf Crisis for CBS News before the Gulf War.demolition? Did they not realize it would take serious preparation for such to occur which would have involved the weakening of major support beams, ... They can, quite well, determine where the truth is being hidden, where it is being stretched by hyperbole, where the facts may be simply wrong, and ... magazine did have physics and demolition experts do a forensic study of the collapse of Tower 7.

Title:Stealing America's Future
Author:William Steiner
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2010-04


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