Stealing Thunder

Stealing Thunder

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FBI agent, John Blaine, is launched into a web of international intrigue when his drug investigation turns up high-tech military smugglers. His enemy: legendary KGB Colonel Konev whose crack team of former Spetznaz operate as mercenaries to the highest bidder - a member of the Chinese Politburo seeking power. Konev's advantage is a miniature lie detector - Codename: Thunder - stolen from the American President and used against him during a world crisis. A rogue submarine is sinking ships in the South China Sea, drawing in China, Japan and America toward a nuclear confrontation. From America's nuclear Silent Service to her Carrier Battle Groups, the halls of the Forbidden City to the cities across America, Blaine runs against the clock to stop a plot for nuclear war and world domination. Michael Mandaville is a writer and filmmaker. His extensive interest in National Security, Geopolitics and History comes together in qStealing Thunderq - based upon strategic assessments of an inevitable conflict with Communist China. He received his MFA in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California.... blue 1999 Dodge Caravan was parked inside. Two forensic techs were lifting latents from the dashboard. Another ... We got some prints from the Citizens Bands radio in the dash. The manufacturer is checking on their authorized dealersanbsp;...

Title:Stealing Thunder
Author:Michael Mandaville
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2008-08


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