Stealth Germs in Your Body

Stealth Germs in Your Body

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Would you have suspected that your stomach ulcer was due to bacteria, or that a viral infection causes cervical cancer? Faced with mounting evidence that a€œstealth germsa€a€”smoldering chronic infections in the body (some treatable or even preventable)a€”are at the root of numerous health problems, Dr. Erno Daniel provides the first-ever medical reference book on the subject for the general public. Dr. Daniel is a recognized expert in the field who specializes in diagnosing such illnesses, so he has both the scientific background and illuminating case studies to offer. Organized by type of germ and where in the body each manifests itself, this invaluable guide will help patients overcome their lack of medical awareness; understand the variable ways individuals react to such infections; and navigate the complexities of physician-patient communication about multiple symptoms. Ita€™s all done with an important life-saving goal in mind: helping people know more so they can get an accurate diagnosis of their ailments and get the treatment they need. Weaving cutting-edge scientific research together with a fascinating history of infectious disease and practical guidelines for collaborating with your doctor to avoid misdiagnosis, Stealth Germs is that rare health book thata€™s also a fascinating reference. Readers will turn to it again and again for valuable insight.Those who study medical thinking repeatedly conclude that to make wise treatment decisions and diagnoses, one needs to have content knowledge, ... The press reported this, and some doctors accepted it as evidence that treatment of chlamydia with antibiotics in persons with heart disease doesna#39;t work. But, what do they mean by heart disease, and what do they mean when they say it doesna#39;t work?

Title:Stealth Germs in Your Body
Author:Erno Daniel
Publisher:Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. - 2008


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