Stella Star’s Earth Adventures

Stella Star’s Earth Adventures

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Born on the 17th of February 1971 in Perth, Western Australia. She teaches Yoga in the process of rehabilitating her own crippling case of double Rotoscoliois (abnormal rotating curvatures of the lumbar and thoracic spine). Karrena€™s passion has always been to read and write while experiencing the adventures of world travels for the purpose of furthering her Yogic knowledge. In 2009 she began to write her fathera€™s biography which was completed days before he passed away in September 2011. It was intended that he would have the honour of giving family and friends a copy but instead Karren presented the copies at his funeral. The biography which is titled The 7 Footer Crays a€˜na€™ Crazy Tales has received high praise for its well written presentation of a wild mana€™s unusual life story. Karren has a life time of rich worldly experience to draw upon and intends to reach readers of different genres in different ways. Currently she is focussing on writing childrena€™s books that are designed to remind children and their parents the ways in which we can bond through sharing our experiences and positive qualities. She is also a wife and mother to two very happy, well natured children who are the inspiration for furthering her topics in childrena€™s writing.I cana#39;t wait to wear my costume!a€ a€œWhich costume will you wear Stella?a€ her Mummy asked. a€œI want to wear a ballet dress and be a Ballerina Mummya€ a€œWhy a Ballerina Stella?a€ her Mummy asked. a€œSo I can dance with joy and make everyoneanbsp;...

Title:Stella Star’s Earth Adventures
Author:Karren Bastian
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-10-31


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