Step Up and Play Big

Step Up and Play Big

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How Step Up and Play Big will benefit you: The style of this book approaches the reader in the same way I coach a€“ directly and in a practical manner. My overall goal is to show you that it doesn't require a great deal of extra effort to be exceptional i.e. to a€œStep Up and Play Big.a€ You will be given simple but effective strategies and tactics you can use to create a future vision; make better decisions; develop effective business a€œhabitsa€; what it means to be a leader; how to challenge your team and how to identify and solve problems. There are exercises at the end of each chapter to help you implement the tactic or skill discussed. At the end of the book, there is a template to help you create your own self-development game plan. The a€œstuffa€ in the book works only if you a€œwork the stuff.a€ Register Your Book for Ongoing Learning Opportunities And, Get a Free Workbook! The a€œStep Up and Play Biga€ concept encompasses more than can be captured in just one book. To a€œStep Up and Play Biga€ is a lifetime commitment that you make to yourself. By registering your book, you will receive up to date tips; tactics and advice to help you continue to a€œPlay Biga€ on a regular basis. See page 15 to learn how to register your book and get your free workbook.Get tough decisions cut it off a piece at a time (little, less effective decisions) all you are doing is making that dog angry (making behind you so you can the problem worse), and every time focus on moving forward. he sees you coming at himanbsp;...

Title:Step Up and Play Big
Author:Chris Ruisi
Publisher:Advantage Media Group - 2012-06


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