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Stepdog is the hilarious and heartwarming tale of a woman who has finally met the man of her dreamsa€”and the dog of her nightmares. Winner of the June 2015 Elle Readers Prize Lots of dogs eat shoes, bite people, destroy furniture . . . but Eddie tried to destroy a marriage. After more than three decades of happy single womanhood, Mia Navarro wasna€™t really looking to change her relationship status. The idea of being a step-anything to anyone was foreign to her, something she never thought about. . . . Until she fell in love with Jim and agreed to marry him. As it turns out, the marriage is pretty wonderful, the stepkids were, well, typical pre-teens, the weather in Los Angeles perfect. But life is not spotless. The spots belong to Jima€™s mutt, Eddie. Possessive and jealous, Eddie behaves like Jima€™s mistressa€”if a mistress could bark and compete for space on his beloveda€™s lap. As time goes on, a full-on war ensues. Mia slams the door in Eddiea€™s face, cordons off the house into dog- and wife-territories, and leaves the back door open . . . by, er, accident, of course. She even tries to leave Eddie behind in California when she and Jim abruptly relocate to New York. But in the end, ita€™s clear that not even a wife can come between man and dog. As Eddie ages, Mia softens, and as with any new family struggling to blend, the two must make peace with each other. Ultimately, Stepdog is a triumphant story about finding love at an unexpected stage in life and the many unforeseen obstaclesa€”not only of the four-legged varietya€”that can get in the way on the road to happily ever after. From the Hardcover edition.Jim heard some strange growling, and by the time he looked up, Eddie was shaking his head with a skunk in his mouth. ... a€œHow the fuck do I treat this dog?a€ I Googled a€œhow to remove skunk smell from doga€ and gave Jim a deskunking recipe that included hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and liquid soap. ... a€œI suddenly have this vision that Ia#39;m going to get in the car, leave him tied up on the porch, and the skunks in the neighborhood are going to ... Skunks always have the last word.

Author:Mireya Navarro
Publisher:Penguin - 2015-04-21


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